ubiCMS is an Internet based content management system and communication management solution. It is offered as online service. All you need is your PC connected to the Internet.

mission statement

ubiCMS is the best value per cost solution for professional web content management and groupware.

ubiCMS is faster to deploy, easier to use, wider accessible, and lower total cost then any other product in its market.

high value by design

International, easy to use, standards compliant, fast. Compatible with mainstream PCs and mobile devices.

low cost by intent

We offer aggressively competitive prices without compromising your benefit. With ubiCMS you save at introduction time and then every time you update your site.

CMS Features  
ubiCMS consists of modules. Some of them...
CMS Prices  
From Yen10.500/month....
Designed by Dr Oskar Bartenstein of IF Computer Japan,...