Designed by Dr Oskar Bartenstein of IF Computer Japan, ubiCMS draws on extensive experience in internet based document management and knowledge management.

IF Computer Japan specializes in tools for computer based consulting. We designed and built custom software systems for a wide range of industries including financial services, fashion retail and consumer help desks.

ubiCMS combines the flexibility of the Internet with the consulting strength of advanced knowledge based computer software. Its single-point-of-access design leads to unrivalled ease of use and cost effectiveness.

Recently other unrelated parties started to use the name ubicms.


Web Knowledge Management and Decision Support Bartenstein, O., IF Computer Japan, Tokyo, Japan; Geske, U., Fraunhofer FIRST, Berlin, Germany; Hannebauer, M., think-cell Software GmbH, Berlin, Germany; Yoshie, O., Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan (Eds.)
Web Knowledge Management and Decision Support
Springer, 2003, 307 pages.
ISBN 3-540-00680-X

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